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Lutheran Services

This section provides access to services appropriate to the Lutheran tradition. We currently offer the following services:

We hope to add more services in the future (including a Lutheran Breviary), if you desire something else, you might check out the Anglican page for a service which is similar to Matins and Vespers in the LCMS Lutheran Service Book. Otherwise, you may enjoy the simplicity of the various Evangelical services if the above are not your cup of tea.


To navigate the site, please click on the links on the left (if you're on a regular computer) or click on the ☰ symbol on the top right (if you're on a mobile device). Please note that the navigation links change for each section and for each service. This allows you to pick a different service or even a service for a different day. For example, after clicking on the Current Daily Prayers , you'll notice that the links have changed, allowing you to refresh the service with your current time, see the morning or evening service (if you missed one), or even select another date and time (if you missed a day).


  • The Lutheran Daily Prayers are a mix of the "Daily Prayer for individuals and families" from the "Lutheran Service Book", but with Biblical antiphons, the usual lectionary of the site, and the collects thrown in.
  • The collects are borrowed from the Book of Common Prayer.

Pray without ceasing