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The Psalter According to the Seventy

Psalm 16

A Prayer of David.

Hearken, O Lord, unto my righteousness, attend unto my supplication. Give ear unto my prayer, which cometh not from deceitful lips.
2 From before Thy face let my judgement come forth, let mine eyes behold uprightness.
3 Thou hast proved my heart, Thou hast visited it in the night, Thou hast tried me by fire, and unrighteousness was not found in me.
4 That my mouth might not speak of the works of men, for the sake of the words of Thy lips have I kept the ways that are hard.
5 Set my footsteps in Thy paths, that my steps may not be shaken.
6 I have cried for Thou hast hearkened unto me, O God. Incline Thine ear unto me, and hearken unto my words.
7 Let Thy mercies be made wonderful, O Thou that savest them that hope in Thee.
8 From them that have resisted Thy right hand, keep me, O Lord, as the apple of Thine eye.
9 In the shelter of Thy wings wilt Thou shelter me, from the face of the ungodly which have oppressed me.
10 Mine enemies have surrounded my soul, they have enclosed themselves with their own fat, their mouth hath spoken pride.
11 They that cast me out have now encircled me, they have set their eyes to look askance on the earth.
12 They have taken me as might a lion ready for his prey, and as might a lion's whelp that dwelleth in hiding.
13 Arise, O Lord, overtake them and trip their heels; deliver my soul from ungodly men, Thy sword from the enemies of Thy hand.
14 O Lord, from Thy few do Thou separate them from the earth in their life; yea, with Thy hidden treasures hath their belly been filled.
15 They have satisfied themselves with swine and have left the remnants to their babes.
16 But as for me, in righteousness shall I appear before Thy face; I shall be filled when Thy glory is made manifest to me.

Here you can access individual chapters and kathisma of the The Psalter According to the Seventy . Kathismata range from 1 to 20. Chapters range from 1 to 151 (there's an extra Psalm in the Septuagint.)


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