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The Psalter According to the Seventy

Psalm 71

For the End: A Psalm of David, for Solomon.

O God, give Thy judgement to the king, and Thy righteousness to the son of the king,
2 That he may judge Thy people with righteousness, and Thy poor with judgement.
3 Let the mountains receive peace for the people, and let the hills receive righteousness.
4 He shall judge the beggars among the people, and shall save the sons of the poor, and shall humble the false accuser.
5 And He shall continue as long as the sun, and before the moon from generation to generation.
6 He shall come down like rain upon a fleece, and like rain-drops that fall upon the earth.
7 In His days shall righteousness dawn forth an abundance of peace, until the moon be taken away.
8 And He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the rivers even unto the ends of the inhabited earth.
9 Before Him shall the Ethiopians fall down, and His enemies shall lick the dust.
10 The kings of Tharsis and the islands shall bring gifts, kings of the Arabians and of Saba shall bring presents.
11 And all the kings of the earth shall worship Him, all the nations shall serve Him,
12 For He hath delivered the beggar from the oppressor, and the poor man for whom there was no helper.
13 He shall spare the poor man and the pauper, and the souls of the poor shall He save.
14 From usury and from injustices shall He redeem their souls, and precious shall be His name before them.
15 And He shall live, and there shall be given unto Him of the gold of Arabia, and they shall make prayer concerning Him always; all the day long shall they bless Him.
16 He shall be a support in the earth on the summits of the mountains; exalted more than Lebanon shall be His fruit, and they of the city shall flourish like the grass of the earth.
17 His name shall be blessed unto the ages, before the sun doth His name continue.
18 And in Him shall be blessed all the tribes of the earth, all the nations shall call Him blessed.
19 Blessed is the Lord, the God of Israel, Who alone doeth wonders.
20 And blessed is the name of His glory for ever, and unto the ages of ages.
21 And all the earth shall be filled with His glory. So be it. So be it.

Here you can access individual chapters and kathisma of the The Psalter According to the Seventy . Kathismata range from 1 to 20. Chapters range from 1 to 151 (there's an extra Psalm in the Septuagint.)


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