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But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
Psalm 1:2 helps classical Christians have a fuller prayer life. With a single click, it will dynamically create a prayer service for personal use appropriate to the time of day and appropriate to the denominational tradition (or lack thereof). Simply go to the type of service you're interested in praying and click on the "Current Service." For example, to pray the current "House Liturgy of the Hours" , click here .


To navigate the site, please click on the links on the left (if you're on a regular computer) or click on the ☰ symbol on the top right (if you're on a mobile device). Please note that the navigation links change for each section and for each service. This allows you to pick a different service or even a service for a different day. For example, after clicking on the Current House Prayers , you'll notice that the links have changed, allowing you to refresh the service with your current time, see the morning or evening service (if you missed one), or even select another date and time (if you missed a day).


  • A full Morning and Evening prayer service for most traditions. Each service contains readings from the Psalter (Psalms) along with one reading from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, in addition to any other content appropriate to the tradition.
  • An option for praying the "Liturgy of the Hours" (aka, the "eight traditional liturgical hours") for many traditions. "The Hours" involve not only morning and evening prayers, but prayers at the traditional hours of prayer recorded in Scripture like the third Hour (9 AM), the sixth hour (noon), and ninth (3 PM) hour.
  • A monthly, sixty day, or weekly Psalter reading schedule covering all 150 Psalms.
  • A yearly or two year lectionary (aka, a Bible reading plan). The yearly goes through the entire Old Testament once a year and the entire New Testament twice a year. The two year lectionary goes through the New Testament once a year and the Old Testament once every two years. These same lectionaries are used by all traditions.
  • A daily listing of the readings for the day for people who prefer to follow the reading schedule offline or with their own Bibles.
  • A House Morning & Evening Service and a House Liturgy of the Hours for Christians not of any particular tradition who are not opposed to some extra-Biblical content such as creeds or classic prayers.


We currently offer services for the following options:


Eastern Orthodox

Evangelical & Bible-Only
[Non-Denominational, Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Mainline Protestant, etc.]


[General Reformed, Presbyterian, Reformed Baptist, United Reformed, etc]

Roman Catholic

  • Unfortunately we do not currently have any Catholic services. For more information, please go here .

News & Updates

For the latest news on the site, including site updates, please visit our Patreon site.


This site was created for various types of classical or orthodox Christians.

  • Those who prefer to read their Bible or say their prayers on a mobile device or computer.
  • Those who desire a fuller prayer life, but are not sure how to do so within their tradition (or lack thereof).
  • Those who are unwilling or unable to carry around a load of liturgical books, but who still desire a full prayer life.
  • Those who, for various reasons, are forced to be online for long periods of time, but who still want to be able to incorporate scheduled and organized hourly or daily prayer services into their life.

As such, will automatically display the current prayer service for whatever time it is and for whatever tradition we support. The goal is to help Christians all of sorts of different traditions to immerse themselves in the Psalms and the whole body of Scripture itself. We encourage Christians who are a part of a denominational tradition to explore their tradition's services. We encourage Christians who are not a part of a denominational tradition to learn to pray the Bible using an Evangelical or "Bible-Only" services . Finally, we encourage Christians of all stripes to explore what other types of Christians do and how they pray.

Please note that this site is purposely opinionated and will make some decisions regarding the services that may differ from your particular denomination or tradition. Although we generally try to remain faithful to the traditions, we sometimes have to make some changes. Some changes have to do with necessary adaptions to an online format and others have to do with copyright issues. Please see the FAQ for general info and the appropriate denominational section for details.

Pray without ceasing